Partner with us!

                                                   Make our “Watchmen City” the 24/7 House of Prayer a Reality in every Nation!

                                                                             A Call to Build the Lord’s House of Prayer


What should I do now?


We desperately need your partnership in praying, working, and giving.

Invest yourself. Your contribution of time, talent and/or treasure will last for eternity.


Since the vision has been given and received, the life of the ministry is growing and developing.

We are standing ready with our eyes on God. Wherever you are in the world; we invite you to stand with us.

We desire to build the Lord’s House of Prayer as soon as we possibly can so that we can begin to move forward in all that the Lord has called us to.

By sowing into the “Watchmen City – House of Prayer” you are sowing into eternity. God is longing to move and we have the opportunity to partner with His purposes and to see His kingdom come on earth. Sow a financial seed of faith, partnering with the Holy Spirit, and watch a great harvest of souls come into the kingdom of God in the community, city, region and the nations of the world!

OPTIONS 1 and 2 are for Watchmen donations, OPTION 3 is for Bethel Capitol donations

To make a donation to Watchmen on the Walls:

1. Check or Money Order (in US Dollar)
Please make checks payable to “Watchmen on the Walls”
Mailing address:

Watchmen on the Walls
2009 Lyttonsville Road
Silver Spring, Maryland, 20910 USA

2. Contribute by credit card or bank transfer using the secure PAYPAL system by clicking the button below:

or you can visit the watchmen on the walls website:

To make a donation to Bethel Capitol Church:

3. For your regular tithes and offerings, use this link:


or you can text to give : text your donation to 84321. i.e : 100 tithes or 100 offerings


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