There are countless opportunities for ministry to serve our Lord with your Time and Talents.
Serving others deepens your relationship with God and people. Whether helping in children’s ministry or greeting visitors, you will grow closer to the Lord, those you serve, and those who serve with you. Nothing compares to being on a team that laughs with, loves, and supports one another while helping others.

We truly believe that everyone who attends this Church has a role to play in the ministries of the church. One of our highest priorities is in involving the entire congregation in the responsibilities of our common life together.

Here are a few ways to get more involved in the ministries of the church

Find a place to serve

Find service opportunities that fit your talents, passions, and schedule through our volunteer ministry. Our desire is to help you find and apply for the volunteer positions that are available in our church and community.

If you have questions, call or contact us online.


Our Ministries:

  • Administrative
  • Prayer / Intercession Ministry & Altar call
  • Life Learning / Equipping classes / Education Ministry
  • Counseling and Deliverance Ministry
  • Praise / Worship / Choir Ministry
  • Music Ministry
  • Sound system Ministry
  • Video/ CDs Production Ministry
  • Video/ CDs/Books Sales Ministry
  • Multi-media & Web Ministry
  • Technology & IT ministry
  • Children’s Ministry
  • Youth ministry
  • Pastoral Care Team
  • Men Ministry
  • Women Ministry
  • Small “CityGroups” Ministry
  • Royal Crown “Entrepreneurship- Financial Management & Breakthroughs” Ministry
  • Baptismal & Communion Ministry
  • Communication Ministry (Radio, TV, Internet, Newspapers….)
  • Evangelism & City Impact Ministry
  • Prison & Shelters Outreach Ministries
  • Sports Outreach Ministry
  • World Missions Ministry
  • WeCare – Social Concern /Benevolence Committee Ministries
  • Hospitality / Fellowship & Special Events Ministry
  • Greeting, Ushering & Guest Ministry
  • Accounting Ministry
  • Maintenance & Cleaning Ministry
  • Security Ministry
  • Stewardship Ministry
  • Overall Decoration – Cleanness – Excellence … checkups Ministry
  • Wedding Committee
  • French Ministries