Our Vision

A network of prayer houses with watchmen united in intercession for the Nations, the Church / God’s servants, Revival and Souls until God establishes His Kingdom on the earth (Is.62:6-7, 56:7). The vision is in threefold direction:

  1. Prayer/Intercession:  focusing on the release of the end-time army to stand for the nations
  2. Evangelism/Revival:  looking for an unprecedented global harvest of souls in this generation
  3. Next Generation: training God-fearing young people to have the burden to pray for nations and reach out to the unsaved

Our Mission

Our mission is to:

  • inspire God’s people to pray for nations, networking/connecting them locally, nationally, internationally;  preparing the day when the nations will behold the glory of our God;
  • unlock nations for the propagation of the Gospel and for their transformation through prayers (for authorities, the Church of our Lord Jesus, His servants, the souls, revival…); thus preparing the fields that await the last great harvest of souls;
  • conduct missionary journeys to the nations in order to fulfill the Great Commission (through united prayer gatherings, crusades, youth rallies, ministry training sessions, men/women conferences, revival services, leadership seminars, ministry launching…);
  • instill the Word of God, the burden of prayer and outreach into the lives of the next generation through Schools, College/University in Burkina-Faso, Uganda, Kenya, Togo… ; Orphanages in India, Sudan, Kenya, Burkina-Faso, …


For more information, please visit us at http://watchmenprayerhouses.org/